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How Wearing Silver Jewellery Can Benefit Your Health?
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How Wearing Silver Jewellery Can Benefit Your Health?

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How Wearing Silver Jewellery Can Benefit Your Health?


Silver is a much-appreciated metal, known for its refined and timeless appeal. It’s widely used in the making of jewellery pieces for modern-day women; women who adore simplicity and want to reflect their undying feminine charm. 

It might sound surprising, but in addition to its amazing aesthetics, jewellery made of silver brings truckloads of health benefits. As a metal, silver has many mystical powers, and it has been a treasure of healing properties.

From simple silver to colloidal silver, this metal has a proven track record of fighting infections and regulating the body. It has powerful antimicrobial properties which help people in living a healthy life. 

If you like wearing silver jewellery, we have gathered some distinct health benefits that you are attracting in your life. Let’s start:

Health benefits of silver jewellery

Wearing silver has a science behind it that compels us to look beyond fashion trends. For centuries, people had been wearing silver due to its health benefits; some of them are mentioned below:  

Heat regulation and circulation 

After wearing silver, people have experienced a high in their mood and a boost in energy levels. It is because silver has natural properties that counteract outer electrical disturbances, improve internal circulation, balance body temperature, boost immunity, and help in internal cleanliness. It is all because the positively charged ions of silver set up a conductive field to reflect the electromagnetic radiation away from the human body.  

Sterilisation and antibiotics

To ward off infections, viruses, bacterias, and cold and flu symptoms, people wear silver jewellery. This is the major reason why medical devices and tools are manufactured with silver. 

Silver keeps the blood vessels elastic that accelerates the formation and healing of bones, also repairs and maintains skin health.  

Indication of toxic substances

Silver helps us avoid toxic substances by indicating their presence. 

Silver is a metal and like all other metals, it also reacts with chemicals and changes color. For example, if your body has high levels of sodium presence then the silver jewellery you are wearing will turn blue over time. It indicates that it is time for you to cut back on salt. 

Antimicrobial agent 

Silver is known to kill microorganisms and stop their growth because of the presence of an electric field. The positively charged ions of silver also make the bond with the negatively charged receptors of oxygen present in bacteria.

It is the reason silver was widely used as an antiseptic for post-surgical infections, dental treatment, and wound therapies during the 1800s. Some researchers also suggest that wearing a silver ring helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis in the hands. 

Moreover, some people go beyond wearing it as jewelry. People have started wearing silver as sleep masks that come with the silver lining. Some wear silver lining gloves to restrict the transmission of electronic signals in the body through laptops and computers while typing. 

Even fashion designers are bringing the concept of embellishing silver in their designer dresses so that people can enjoy the health benefits of silver through clothes also. 

Knowing the benefits, you might be tempted to buy silver jewelry for yourself. Discover a wide range of quality silver jewelry collection at Sila Dea, right from classic styles to trendy designs.

So, what are you waiting for? Deck yourself with the beautifully handcrafted silver jewelry to enjoy the health benefits of silver!