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How to Take Care of Your Gold and Silver Plated Jewelry?
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How to Take Care of Your Gold and Silver Plated Jewelry?

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How to Take Care of Your Gold and Silver Plated Jewelry?

Buying jewelry is one thing, maintaining the jewelry piece and taking care of it, in the long run, is another story. The fine jewelry pieces coated with gold and silver plating look elegant but these are difficult to maintain. A lot of environmental conditions or improper usage can lead to shorter shelf life and degradation of the plating.

Hence, it is advised to keep all your sterling silver, gold vermeil, or rose gold vermeil jewelry in a dark and dry place specifically in a jewelry pouch or box. Also, giving your jewelry piece a quick polish after use ensures complete removal of chemicals or moisture as well as longevity of the piece.

Metals can be affected by a lot of factors including chemicals in perfumes, body lotions, and sun creams. If you are someone who wears jewelry before getting ready, you can do it the other way round to minimize the effects of chemicals. 

How Do I Take Care of My Sterling Silver Jewelry?

When you are not wearing your sterling silver jewelry, store it in a cool and dry place. 

Sterling Silver pieces are usually plated with rhodium. Rhodium being a member of the platinum metal group is scratch resistant. Hence, rhodium-coated sterling silver jewelry is a good catch for ensuring longevity. 

How Do I Clean My Silver Jewelry?


Silver jewelry on coming in contact with chemicals can lose its luster. You can revive your piece by simply polishing it with a silver polishing cloth to restore its original state. For the greater good, we recommend you polish it every month to maintain its condition.

What is Gold Vermeil?


Gold vermeil jewelry is considered the finest out of plated jewelry pieces. Usually, plated jewelry has a thin layer of gold on top of another cheap metal that may cause allergies. 

On the other hand, gold vermeil jewelry features a sterling silver base with a thick gold coating up to 2.5 microns. 

How Do I Take Care of Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

Taking care of gold vermeil jewelry will restore its good condition and ensure longevity. It is recommended to store your rose gold or gold vermeil jewelry away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place. 

Soap water can cause harm to the gold sheen turning it dull. So, make sure to remove your jewelry before taking a bath. Furthermore, chemicals in perfumes, body lotions, or creams can cause harm to the vermeil. Hence, make sure to apply these products before putting on your jewelry. 

Also, polishing your jewelry with a polishing cloth at regular intervals will reduce the effect of chemicals and maintain its life. 

How Do I Clean Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

To restore the condition of your gold vermeil jewelry, polish it gently with a microfiber polishing cloth or a gold polishing cloth. 

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